3 Things You Should Do After Your Home Floods

3 Things You Should Do After Your Home Floods

Feb 27, 2018

As one of the most destructive things that can happen to your home, flooding is not something to be taken lightly. Flooding, while it is common, can happen a few ways. Whether induced by rain, raised from groundwater, or you simply forgot to turn the bathtub faucet off, there are steps to take afterward that will ensure that your home and family stay safe.

  • Protect your health. Even though the flood waters in your house may be clear, be cautious. Water can easily be contaminated by chemicals in the home or even sewage. Wear protective clothing such as waterproof boots and gloves when handling items contaminated by the water.
  • Call your insurance company. In the case of a single-home flood, your insurance company is there to make sure you can get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Take pictures and make a plan to present to your insurance company as part of a claim. In the case it was a city-wide flood, it would be better to call the company‚Äôs headquarters as your own insurance agent might be handling multiple flooded home claims.
  • Control mold damage. Aside from water, the most destructive aspect of flooding can be the growth of mold. Within a 48-hour time period is when you want to mitigate the mold damage. Ensuring that nothing stays wet for more than that amount of time is key, however not always plausible. Be sure to care for the items with more sentimental or monetary value first.

Flooding is truly a disaster that can potentially put a real dent in your everyday life. After assessing the damage done to your home, you may find it easier to control the situation the best you can and possibly just sell your home. Of course, this decision is for each individual family to make on their own. Keeping in mind that water damage may affect the value of your home is another thing to think about in the decision making process.

Aside from this, the most important thing is that you and your family stay safe!