About American Property Buyers

About American Property Buyers

Our belief is, by buying homes in the Houston area, we are helping local homeowners take the necessary steps towards a new phase in their lives! At American Property Buyers we try to make our buying process as smooth as possible for the homeowners that are selling to us. Not only will we buy your home, but we offer a free home-evaluation, implement a hassle-free transaction process by accepting cash offers, and will even help you move out and into your new home!

If you don’t have someone to handle issues with property titles, our experience in-house real estate buyers can offer a proper review of the property’s title report and negotiate title issues for the seller. As licensed realtors, we are regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, which means your interests are protected and there is clarity during the sales process. As Houston home buyers, we value our locals and try to make your lives easier during this process. We buy your home from you and we can also help you find a new one. Our in-house mortgage brokers have the ability to assist you with getting loans for buying your future home. With over 20 years of experience, we have understood the home buying market and offer customized options with each home purchase, and we offer our services all over the greater Houston area.

About American Property Buyers

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Humbled Beginnings

In 2012 Carlos Soberanis purchased one of his first investment properties directly from a home seller needing to sell quickly. He had a passion for real estate and helping people in his community find the best deal possible when it came to buying and selling their homes. His priority has always been to help a fellow Houstonian in need of his services.

Now, American Property Buyers has grown into the go-to home-buying company in Houston. Whether your home is in bad condition, damaged, seems unsellable, or is located in an area that is not growing with the rest of the city, the skilled home-buyers at American Property Buyers will take it off your hands and help you move forward into your next home-buying process.