Best Showing Tips for Selling a Home

Best Showing Tips for Selling a Home

Apr 13, 2018

Defer Your Showings

Expose your home to the widest buying audience possible by showing it after it has been listed for some time. Deferred showing gives buyers plenty of time to know your home is up for sale and attracts multiple offers. Multiple offers could lead to a bidding war, and you end up selling your home at a price considerably higher than the asking price.

Tips for Showing Your Home

You will have to set up your home in a way to get buyers excited. And to achieve this, nothing should be spared in prepping your home for the showings:

1. Make sure your exterior is presentable.

Put in extra effort to prepare your home’s exterior with these tips:

  • Cut the grass and rake up any debris.
  • Clean up the driveway and apply a seal coat
  • Make the walkway presentable – you can wash it if necessary
  • Trim the shrubs and plantings for a clear path around your home.
  • Wash off any mold and mildew on the siding or deck.
  • Add some color with seasonal flowers.
  • Pay extra attention to your door and entryway.

2. Offer a warm welcome.

Make them feel at home with these tips:

  • Let them keep their shoes on.
  • Give them as much time as they need.
  • Stay away.

3. Don’t skimp on heating or cooling.

Depending on the weather, ensure that the home is cooled or heated appropriately to get the most comfortable temperature. A pleasantly comfortable home lets buyers stick around much longer increasing their chances of buying.

4. Cultivate an inviting atmosphere.

An effective home staging strategy is to enhance the mood of your home by creating an inviting atmosphere:

  • Light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Turn on your fountains.
  • Play pleasant music at low volume.

5. Pay attention to scents.

Do not use strong scents because of individual preferences. Opening up the windows for fresh air if the weather outside allows for it could be better than using artificial fragrances

6. Brighten things up.

Turn on every light in the house to enable buyers to see every area of the home. Whenever possible, open the blinds and let natural light in. Buyers could get suspicious if there are areas of the house they can’t see well.

7. Offer snacks and refreshments.

Providing snacks and refreshments makes the buyers see the home as a place where they can live in. And no one would be in a hurry to go because they are hungry or thirsty.

8. Make sure your real estate agent has a feedback system.

Improving the showing experiences relies on getting feedback from prospects. Insist that your agents have a feedback system in place to let you know how buyers see your home.