DIY Interior Designs for the Spring Season

DIY Interior Designs for the Spring Season

Feb 28, 2017

Spring – the season of rebirth, renaissance, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. No matter what background you’re from, everyone has their own history attached which makes them fervent to welcome spring. And it’s time to invite your hidden craftsman to decorate your home interiors to welcome the spring!

Spring is all about fresh air, sunlit days, floral and fragrances. With infinite decorating options available in the market, it always ends up with a big disappointment because of a tight budget. But now, to keep your spring fervor on while managing your budget will be much easier with our DIY home decor ideas.

1. DIY Photo Frames

Create bright painted wooden photo frames with a use of enamel paints and stick dry flowers on them. One can also paint flowing jasmine vines with chartreuse gradations. Fix your favorite photo from an old album and recreate a wall of your house with a photo framed collage.

2. DIY Paper Flowers

Blooming for just a few weeks in spring, cherry blossoms are eminently ephemeral. Its fragrance is loved by a hoard of people around the globe. If you are a skilled craftsman, explore creating cherry blossom branches for your vase using metal wires and pink crepe papers. Spray a cotton ball with cherry blossom body mist or a perfume and keep it inside the vase along with your DIY paper cherry blossoms for a fresh fragrance.

3. DIY Table Linen

Are you tired of that pale single shade table linen? This spring, try something floral!You would need a table linen based on your table dimensions, a wooden printing block with any floral design, bottles of a few bright fabric colors you like, a paint brush, and a color palette. To start with, pour 3-4 fabric colors on a palette. Dip your brush in one color at a time and paint a part of a block with the desired color; follow the process until you cover the full block. Carefully place the block starting from one corner of the table linen and continue till you cover the entire table linen. Let it dry and place it on the table. Use mason jars with fresh flowers to add additional grandeur to your home!

4. DIY Candles

Many of us have pale, used or unused candles in our homes. Recreate those candles rather than investing into buying new ones! Use pressed dry flowers: paint them using oil colors to brighten them and paste it on your candles using glue. Embellish your candles with dry flowers and place each one in different corners of your home or together in a tray with a fragrance-sprayed cotton ball for an aromatic ambiance.

Kick off spring with any of these fun and unique DIY home décor ideas!