Does Your Parent Need Assisted Living Care?

Does Your Parent Need Assisted Living Care?

Oct 10, 2018

It is difficult to watch our parents grow older, and sometimes we fail to notice signs of decline. Therefore, it is important to take steps to recognize when your mom and day may be ready for assisted living care. If you are unsure if the time is right, ask yourself the following key questions:

  • Does your mother or father experience memory loss during times that result in serious consequences? For instance, does your parent forget medical appointments, eating regularly or taking medications?
  • Has your parent had a recent change in weight? Has mom or dad told you he or she has been eating, but your find spoiled food in the kitchen?
  • Are falls happening more frequently, or has a fall happened recently? Have you noticed you parent attempting to cover up bumps and bruises? Is he or she unsure of how the blemishes occurred?
  • Are there hygiene issues? Does your mom or dad always have on the same clothes?
  • Are weird noises being heard at night?
  • Is the home or yard untidy, or not as neat as it once was?
  • Is your parent able to manage and take medications correctly? Is he or she aware of which meds should be taken when and for what reason?
  • Do your mom or dad respond to an emergency promptly and appropriately?
  • When you take a clear and honest look, do you see the vibrant and able person you once knew? If not, do you see a person with many limits?
  • Are you concerned about your parent’s driving? Has there been a recent motor vehicle accident, unexplained dents or scratches on their car or a traffic violation?

You can never start exploring assisted living for someone you love too early. Some older adults find comfort in downsizing. It can be burdensome maintaining the family home in the golden years. With assisted living there, no worry about upkeep or cleaning. For less willing seniors, their initial feelings of betrayal may shift to gratitude if the situation is handled respectfully.

Assisted Living Care in Houston

Leaving the home you have spent the majority of your life in is no easy task, regardless of your age. For seniors, this can be a very difficult change. But with the help of a loving support system and the knowledgeable professionals at American Property Buyers, the transition from the family home to assistant living can be positive and pleasant.