How to Choose the Right Realtor

How to Choose the Right Realtor

Apr 30, 2016

Home sellers need to choose the right real estate agent to effectively market and sell their valuable property. Many have acted on impulse and ended up paying a high price in the end.

Establish a strict criterion for selecting the best agent for you. Just because you know a person, or are friends, doesn’t mean that individual has the right background. This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. A true professional should understand that there is much competition and you need to make the best choice for a successful transaction.

Avoid selling mistakes
Consider a variety of presentations for selling your home before making a decision. Review the pluses and minuses of each one. Make sure you have no doubts before committing to anything.

New listings get the most visibility and potential-buyer attention. Realtors will show homes for sale that are priced reasonably. Houses that are priced too high will stay on the market indefinitely. Over time you will be forced to keep lowering the price. Selling your home for a fair price will no longer be possible. In the end you may have to settle for whatever price you can get, regardless of the current home value.

Perform a background check on possible realtors, always follow-up with their references. Seek current information including recent sales figures and feedback from their latest customers. It is important to find out if other sellers would recommend this real estate agent and for what specific reasons. Longevity in the business is something to look for, but it is necessary to examine the whole picture. New agents may have demonstrated success on a shorter-term with fresh enthusiasm and a record of hard work.

Don’t be cheap
Be willing to make an investment in your future. If you try to save money by going with the agent who accepts the lowest commission, you might not receive much effort promoting your house for sale. What you put into the process may equal what you get out of it. Buyers and agents use online property search tools that highlight current properties on the market. Additionally, an open house, newspaper ads and flyers may be put in place to attract home shoppers. All of these advertising mechanisms cost money to play out. A well-paid realtor will have more incentive to work hard on selling your home.

Choosing an agency as opposed to an independent agent, will reap some advantages. There is more money involved for advertising, longer operating hours and a lot of realtors on hand. Oftentimes, there are agents available to answer questions around the clock. Most states require agents to embrace continuing education. Instead of just one real estate agent, you will hire a whole team who is current on real estate terms, home values, and the best property searches.

Top notch realtors communicate well throughout the process, bend over backwards to market your property and are experienced negotiators. The selling of your home should be accomplished smoothly, and professionally.