Pros of Selling to Real Estate Investors

Pros of Selling to Real Estate Investors

Mar 30, 2016

Real estate investors buy homes and in some cases, with cash. Since no realtor is involved, you don’t have to pay out a commission. The idea of selling your house for cash is very appealing. But for the first time home seller, this process can be intimidating. There have been many changes in the real estate market. In addition, there are so many investors who buy homes advertising their services. It is important to know who is legitimate and what the advantages are of selling your house to home investors.

Flexible Payment Options

Some Investors will offer multiple payment options. The seller can decide which best suits their needs. Available methods may include certified funds, pre-scheduled cash payments, or the investor may possibly take over the existing mortgage.

Cash Offers

Oftentimes investors want to pay cash for your home. With all of the financial restrictions and growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a fast home offer with a cash buyer is most desired.

Selling “As Is”

Investors who buy a house “as is” do so without viewing the property, but they have a right to know what they are buying ahead of time. The seller will need to disclose any defects, but won’t be responsible for fixing anything, freeing you of any additional responsibility.

Fast Closings

Selling your house to home investors can be a very speedy process. There is a lot less paperwork involved. Some investors who buy homes can close within 7 days. Since there is no need to wait for approved financing, appraisals or home inspections the closing should be fast and seamless.