Clear Title problems

Clear Title Problems

A proper review of the property’s title report is a critical part of any home sale. This document summarizes all potential issues found for a particular seller and parcel of real estate at a given point in time. It is imperative to be sure the property is free of any unnecessary liens and encumbrances. There can be a host of unpleasant surprises on a home’s title report that need to be cleared up prior to the sale of a home. An ongoing lien, like property taxes, can’t be removed. Many title restrictions will stay with the property if it has easements, condo restrictions or other agreements with neighbors. It is essential that you get a look at a current title report and resolve any problems that would hinder a successful sale. American Property Buyers has in-house staff to handle title issues (tax judgment for example) and negotiate for the seller.
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Get Your Property Title Report in Houston, TX

Simple title problems are fixable on closing day. The escrow company has the option to deduct an unpaid property tax payment from the seller’s sale proceeds. But, in other situations a better choice is to address these concerns early in the process. Unpaid taxes or back child support are personal matters. Spare the buyer this concern. Take care of your personal business ahead of time, so they don’t show up on the title report. Other problems can take too much time to correct due to a lot of phone tag and tracking down the right person.

If our staff finds a problem that needs attention, research will be conducted to determine what paperwork needs to be filed. We will then contact the lienholder and negotiate to have the lien removed. Handling these kinds of conflicts early on will speed up your closing and you will avoid appearing incompetent when dealing with your buyers.

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