Selling your home can be a frustrating experience, and most of the time you find yourself spending more money and time than you ever expected. Sometimes, by the end of it, there is no sale made! Because of this process, people often find themselves wondering, “How can I sell my house fast?” When it comes to homeowners looking to sell, American Property Buyers has you covered. Whether your home is ugly, damaged, in need of repairs, or perfectly fine, we will buy your home from you! We put precedence on making the sales transaction as easy and convenient as possible. You may be behind on mortgage payments or have housed bad tenants and feel stuck in your situation. We can help! We can negotiate on your behalf and help overcome your housing circumstances. We are a one-stop service that evaluates, renovates, and accepts cash offer requests. We are also certified realtors, meaning we can help you find your next home in the process! At American Property Buyers we provide a variety of services, depending on your situation, that can help you sell your home fast and with minimal hassle!

Our Services

Assisted Living Services in Houston

For many older adults, leaving their family home behind and moving into an assisted living facility can be extremely difficult. Our experienced and caring team however can make this change less stress and negative.

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cash offers on house in houston

When it comes to selling a home, sellers prefer a seamless, quick transaction, which is why sellers prefer buyers who are capable of purchasing the home with cash, allowing the sale and transfer to be fast & uncomplicated.

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Clear Title Problems

Various surprises can pop up in regards to the title report when it comes to buying/selling a home. Any problems that have discovered in the property are listed in the document. Luckily our in-house staff can handle any title issues.

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Sell Your Flooded Home in Houston, TX

Scared you can’t sell a flooded home? You can! We don’t discriminate against water damaged properties; in fact we’ll buy a house of any condition and even give you cash to get it off your hands quicker!

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Houston Area Realtor Services

Most people who have purchased/sold a home understand that realtors can cost quite a bit in fees in the long run. We can manage the buying/selling of your home, allowing you to spare yourself the expenses and stress involved.

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