Leah Dinsmore

Leah Dinsmore

Leah Dinsmore has been around as an agent since February 2014 and in such a limited period of time has established her name as one of the most credible real estate agents in Houston. It is because of her dedication, hard work, and creative service that she has been able to make a mark in the field of real estate and made some regular clients because of the high-quality of her work.

While growing up, she always has a compassionate tinge to her personality. This is the reason that she worked as a girl scout. Her job was to sell cookies and that is from where her passion for selling was initiated. She likes helping people with their problems and while taking up any case, she is more concerned about providing a solution to the concerns of the customers and finding the right kind of buyer or a great price for their property.

Being a part of the Women’s Council of Realtors, Leah Dinsmore has immersed herself entirely in this field and collaborates with a lot of ambitious women of her kind to brainstorm ideas. These ideas are about how to make the market better for women realtors. This a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as professionals and leaders in business and the communities we serve.

Also, in this organization, these women are inclined towards making the conditions better for the clients and provide them with the just amount of their property. This shows her concern for the people who are putting their money at stake, she wants absolute value for their money as well as their property.

While not working, you will probably find her some place which has a rich history to offer. She loves digging into the deep secrets and finding eccentric things about people who used to live before us. She loves observing the different building structures which were unique to that particular area. Apart from this adventurous side of Leah Dinsmore, she is also a family person and enjoys being around her loved ones.

While working, she makes sure to cater to all the concerns of her customers and takes care of all the bank work actively and right on time. In the case of any problem, she is only a phone call away from her clients and will see to their requirements no matter what time of the day it is. You can easily define her in 3 words which are honest, committed, and brilliant!