The Best Online Tools for Finding a Home

The Best Online Tools for Finding a Home

Dec 20, 2016

Beginning the search for the new home can be a daunting task, especially with the wide range of homes available now that can easily match your needs and what you’re looking for. Fortunately, with digital advancement, online tools have now made it much easier to search for a specific type of home with just a click of the mouse. This also allows for our agents to help connect you to the seller and negotiate the best price for you! Trying to find the right home? Here are some of the best rated online tools used to find homes: is the official site for the National Association of Realtors. Over half of the millions of listings found on the site are updated every 15 minutes, while the rest of the listings get updated at least once every day. It’s a great source that has accurate and comprehensive details about each listing, including market trend reports and price changes.


Trulia is a comprehensive online home finder tool for all types of listings, from apartments and condos, to single-family homes. The site/app offers details about the home with the latest market trends as well as neighborhood information. Through Trulia’s online community, Trulia Voice, consumers have the ability to ask questions about the home buying process as well as connect with local home professionals from interior designers to plumbers.


Zillow has one of the largest real estate networks, with over 93 million listings. The site/app features information on extensive real estate data such as foreclosure information and changes in home value. One thing that makes this site/app stand apart from the rest is the public information it makes available about all homes, not just the properties for sale. This feature allows home buyers and sellers alike to estimate the value of a home compared to other homes in a chosen neighborhood.