Your Guide to Selling a Flooded Home

Your Guide to Selling a Flooded Home

Aug 30, 2018

Were you one of the unfortunate homeowners affected by Hurricane Harvey? Wondering how you can sell your flooded home? At American Property Buyers we proudly help homeowners sell their flooded homes and even purchase them! Today we’re providing advice on selling your flooded home and getting the most money.

Who Buys Flooded Homes?

When it comes to selling a flooded house in Houston, it will typically be an investor interested in purchasing your home. This is due to the fact it is typically quite hard to obtain conventional financing for a damaged home in need of repairs. With hard money loans, lenders don’t typically require the home to pass any inspections. However, they come with some pretty high interest rates.

Value of Your Flooded Home

As a homeowner, it can be hard to accept that your home has lost a significant part of its value. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine exactly how much work the home needs and what the ultimate value will be at the end of renovations. There are however steps you can take to ensure you get the highest offer possible:

  • Make sure that any flooded, ruined or molded material has been removed from your home.
  • Be sure to sweep, vacuum and mop the home as best as you can.
  • Remove any debris from the front and back yards of the property.
  • Mow any areas and make sure the yard looks as nice as possible.
  • Obtain a mold clearance certificate from an inspector, it can add value for the person interested in investing.

Sell Your Flooded Home in Houston Today

Interested in selling your Houston flooded home? At American Property Buyers we provide free home evaluations for flooded homes. We also have Houston realtors that can help flooded homes or even purchase some flooded homes ourselves. Contact American Property Buyers today to learn how we can help you sell your flooded home in Houston, TX today.